• How to Easily Record High Quality Acoustic Music At Home

    How to Easily Record High Quality Acoustic Music At Home

    Music recording can be as simple as pressing the “record” button on your phone, or as crazy as these: What if you just want to record the music like recording the moment, with a presentable, clean sound quality that doesn’t have much noise? If you sing or play acoustic instruments such as piano, guitar, flute, […] Read more

  • 湾区装修攻略【2】


    这一集我们来聊聊厨房。话不多说先上图: 对比图👇🏻 Read more

  • 湾区装修攻略【1】


    我们家的装修快接近尾声了。在这半年中,我学习到了非常多的知识,对最后的效果也是很满意,在这里跟大家分享一下我们自己观察学习到的一些攻略,希望可以帮助到大家。在这一期post中,我先聊一聊有关整体装修流程,思路,装修师傅的选择,以及介绍我们已经毕业了的卫生间🎓。在下一期post中,我将会聊到厨房,以及建材方面一些的攻略。大家有什么问题的话也欢迎给我留言。 Read more


    This is my last day of University life 😱. My 5 years spent in University of Waterloo in the Computer Science program has been a pretty amazing experience overall. Today, I’m just going to share and reflect on my undergrad experiences in this blog post. Read more

  • My Pinterest Internship Experience

    As many of you may have already known, I spent two internships at Pinterest (Winter 2016 and Fall 2016), and I’m returning soon to be a full time. Pinterest has stopped recruiting for winter and fall interns, and I was very lucky that I was just in time for the last batch. The two internships […] Read more

  • My Interview Experience in Silicon Valley | Junior

    This is a brief overview of my experience in internship-hunting for an SE position in Silicon Valley during my junior year. I had two co-op terms during my junior year, and I ended up going to Google for the first one, and Pinterest for my second one. However, I’m not sharing interview questions due to […] Read more

  • My Google Internship Experience

    In the summer of 2015, I was fortunate enough to have an internship at Google. I worked under the YouTube team and wrote the YouTube Gaming’s live chat. This chat was later incorporated into YouTube as well. My office was located at San Bruno (YouTube HQ). My chat looks like this: Read more