My Pinterest Internship Experience

My Pinterest Internship Experience

As many of you may have already known, I spent two internships at Pinterest (Winter 2016 and Fall 2016), and I’m returning soon to be a full time. Pinterest has stopped recruiting for winter and fall interns, and I was very lucky that I was just in time for the last batch. The two internships I had there were the most influential ones I had during my undergrad studies, and in this blog post I would like to share what I learned there, as well as the fun I had there!

Internship #1

The reason why I said that my Pinterest internship experience was the most influential one is because they really trust their interns, give them big and cool projects, and encourage them to innovate. For my first internship there, I had the full responsibility to write a distributed data pipeline to generate training data for our object detection model from raw user data. Something like this:


(The bounding boxes on the left are generated by users, and the bounding boxes on the right are the predictions on object locations)

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