My Solo Trip To Asia

This is my collection of transportation cards from 6 countries and regions. Some of the memories are starting to fade away. It feels as if beautiful bubbles that appeared in another world in my dreams. I know not if many years later, I’ll still have the guts to grab a backpack and start a journey on my own. But at least I can proudly say that, when I was young, I did something that I think is really cool.


With a backpack and a suitcase, I took off and started my own journey on a bright, sunny afternoon in Berlin. After a super long flight, I finally arrived at the other side of the earth. Hospitable Korean people, delicious Taiwan street food, soothing Japanese hot springs, stunning views in Singapore, the Bund, and old streets in Suzhou, they all left a deep, beautiful mark in my memory.

My footprints:



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Words cannot describe how hospitable and friendly my Korean friends are. I met them through a hiking group Climbing In Korea (CIK). We went hiking on Bukhansan. Although we only spent a day together, they immediately invited me to join their BBQ and camping in the evening. We sat around bonfire, had the most authentic Korean BBQ, and chatted till after midnight. Despite the language barriers, we had a wonderful time. It was the best memory I have during my time in Korea. After many years when I look back, I’ll still always remember this fire, this food, and these amazing Korean people.


When the sun goes down on Tamsui, how many stories are being written by this orange water? Tamsui is said to be a place for beautiful encounters. And indeed it was. Taipei would not be the same Taipei without you guys, and the memory in Tamsui will always be treasured in my heart.


When plans have to be changed, friends are always there for you. I would not have imagined myself doing an impromptu trip without your invitation. Thank you, and the cat headband suits you so well =w=


Once upon a time, I thought cities all looked similar. But I was wrong. How could a city be so stunningly beautiful that I walked and walked for 10 hours and had my camera battery run out? Thanks for being my guide and treating me to the most authentic Singapore food. Singapore had so much more than expected.


Nothing feels better when you meet your old friends from 7 years ago and realize that being together just feels like yesterday. This is my hometown, my root. You ask me whether I still remember the path back home. I say, I will still be able to find it even with my eyes closed.

All fantasies come to an end. This journey was truly amazing and special. Thank you all, for letting me have good stories to tell. ❤ For full gallery, please visit here. For tips on how to plan a trip, please visit here.



About me

Hello! I am Shirley, an ML engineer living near San Francisco, California. I was born in Suzhou, China, and immigrated to Toronto when I was 16. I earned my degree in Computer Science and moved to SF for work and living. When I am not working, you can find me playing music, traveling, reading, and writing in this space! I usually write in English for tech stuff and Chinese for everything else :)

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